I Will Listen

While July is national Minority Mental Health Awareness month, I challenge you to keep the conversation going. My production team and I have already taken the pledge and are committed to carrying on the legacy of Bebe Moore Campbell who was a champion for mental health education and support among diverse communities. Bebe Moore Campbell believed that the United States needed a national campaign to destigmatize mental illness, especially
one targeted toward African Americans.

“It’s not shameful to have a mental illness. Get treatment. Recovery is possible.” —Bebe Moore Campbell

“While we still have a long ways to go, this is certainly a step forward … the end result is a bill that remains focused on enabling the most severely and mentally ill to access treatment they desperately deserve while allowing their families and caregivers to help them along the way,” -State Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson, (Dallas, Texas) stated in reference to Murphy’s mental health bill which was recently passed.

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