November 6, 2016


Lu’Netta McGraw
Production Manager
Lu’Netta McGraw is a creative mind with a deeply seeded passion for the Black community. She is a 24 year old Haitian-American student pursuing a bachelor’s in social work with a focus in family and relationship counseling and has earned a minor in African American Studies from the University of Texas-Arlington. As an advocate for the LGBTQ community, Lu’Netta is no stranger to the taboo, the misunderstood and widely under discussed societal issues that the black community is facing today.
Leiann B. Wrytes
Associate Producer
Leiann B. Wrytes, creator of Melanin Movie Magic, is an author, activist, and life coach. Though she typically uses her pen as a microphone to remind people of the humanity of the marginalized and most vulnerable, she saw firsthand, the power of film when she was granted the opportunity to evaluate the documentary "Beneath My Skin" prior to its release. Leiann served as an educational counselor for severely abused and neglected children while working toward a bachelors in psychology at the University of North Texas. Currently she serves as the administrative liaison for A Million Thoughts Publishing.
Obi Ojirika
Production Assistant
Film crew member, Obi, has devoted nearly a decade of service toward the betterment of patients through one of the country's most innovative and vastly growing pathology laboratories. Possessing an academic background in both Nursing and Physical Therapy, she understands that one's physical health isn't always a determinant for an unchallenging quality of life. Deeply privileged to be a part of such a worthy advocacy affecting our community, Obi desires to promote empathy, compassion and understanding to the masses.
Ayanna Verser
Production Assistant
Ayanna is a recent Radio, Television, and Film graduate with a minor in Sociology. While pursuing her degree, she gained experience in directing, camera operation, editing, photography, graphic design and operation. Her goal is to become an esteemed film director and screenwriter and to create and publish diverse stories.
Bethany Dyer
Production Assistant
Bethany is a seasoned multi family property manager who also sews, gardens, and avidly reads. Originally from Detroit, MI she currently raises her three children in Arlington, TX.